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Sales management training and tools

We’re failing our sales managers, expecting world class results without giving them the tools, training, or support required to succeed. Sales management is simple, but far from easy.

We teach sales leaders how to get the most out of their staff, by implementing the right mix high tech and high touch to ensure that sales teams have every opportunity to succeed (and most importantly, to continue providing tremendous value to your clients!)

call center optimization

If you employ people to be on the phone with your customers or prospects, you know there can be a tremendous difference between the top 10% and bottom 10% agents.

We work with companies to introduce technologies (both Artificial Intelligence and more prosaic) that make it incredibly easy to identify the repeatable patterns of the top performers, to coach everybody else on how to implement those patterns, and to track agent growth over time.

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machine learning for sales and marketing

Which of your long-standing clients are thinking about leaving? Who should you be sending incentivizing offers to? What products/services should your salespeople be focusing on with each client? Which complimentary services/products are each of your clients most likely to purchase, if offered?

These are just a few of the questions that your sales team should be asking, and which they can get the answers to.

analytics and business intelligence that works

If you're drowning in reports and KPIs, there is a better way...

We specialize in helping companies determine what information is actionable, and which reports are simply "Vanity Analytics".

Couple this with the development of high impact exception reporting to ensure you get notified immediately when expectations aren't met, and you'll free up tremendous amounts of time to focus on actually growing your business.