About Us

Shawn Veltman is an author, software developer, and sales expert specializing in helping companies create high performing sales and marketing teams.

He works closely with senior management to develop processes, tools, and shared expectations that can be used at all levels of the company to make it easier for everybody to do their best work.

Typical work with companies in the $30M - $100M range includes;

  • Development or restructuring of sales processes;
  • Education of senior management on how to roll out & enforce these processes
  • Development of software & tools aimed at automating & systemizing as much of the work as possible to allow teams to focus on the “highest and best” use of their efforts;
  • Crafting integrated sales & marketing strategies

An avid believer that the responsibility for change in all companies comes from the top, Shawn’s primary focus is helping companies dramatically reduce the “fog of war” that often stands between a lofty vision statement and the day-to-day execution.

Shawn has worked with companies in sectors as diverse as finance, medical imaging, travel & tourism, software development, and B2B industrial sales, bringing experience and perspectives from all fields to help companies spot their biggest opportunities for growth and to act on them immediately. Prior to those engagements, he spent several years as an equities trader, professional fighter, and software developer.